Moving to Phoenix, AZ

In June of 2019, my boyfriend Jonathan and I moved to Phoenix, Arizona.

This was a huge life change for me because Minnesota had been my home for about eight years. I had a pattern to my Minnesotan life. During the fall, it was bonfires and breweries. Once the winter hit, it was lots of lying around watching Netflix inside and an endless supply of layers. Spring was forever wishing it was summer and then it was rinse and repeat again x 8. To be real, I love Minnesota and I probably always will. It was the state I went to college. It was the state I got my first teaching job, the state I met Jonathan. There were many firsts and a lot of great moments. I will miss my friends that I have left behind, ones that I might not see as much anymore.


But, do I miss it? The answer is…no, not really. I miss people and I miss aspects of it. I miss some of my favorite restaurants and lakes, but we were ready to move and explore a new place. 

Do I love Phoenix? Yes, so far I have loved every minute of my life in Phoenix. Within the first two weeks of being here, I met some friends and started developing a social life. Sure, there’s some dull moments and it will take time to get as integrated in Arizona as I was in Minnesota. But, so far it has been pretty epic. Jonathan and I have found our favorite brewery, Freak ‘N Brewery, and our new favorite restaurant, Gordon Biersh. I have gotten two tattoos already (oops!), we made homemade Moscow mules, and I have spent a lot of money exploring new places. We rescued a kitten and adopted another so we have a nice big family now.


Our adventure here has only just begun!

The main thing about Phoenix that I enjoy is starting anew. Living in Minnesota for eight years was cool, but it got old. I want to be in an area where I know nothing and can just explore. I have heard incredible things about many different areas in Arizona, such as Sedona, Chandler, etc. Las Vegas, San Diego, and Los Angeles are all within 6 hours of driving from us. Now, I can be somewhere entirely new and make whatever I want to out of this new place. But, since we are new, we know nothing. We accept all suggestions! 😉 I am sure over the course of this blog I will share a lot of my favorite things about Arizona.

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