My Grad Program: Why a Masters in Educational Technology

As many of you know, I have signed up for grad school. Ever since I got out of college, I have been dreaming about the day I would return to school. At the University of Minnesota, I got a BA in Sociology and a Minor in English. I had always been passionate about Sociology and the way the world worked around me. Social theory was one of my favorite classes in college (nerd ;)!) I always thought my first Masters degree would be in Sociology, but alas I have chosen a Masters in Education in Educational Technology, but the official title is ME.d. Learning Technologies and Design. While I have a fierce passion for Sociology and Writing, technology has always been a side passion I also have developed. When I was twelve years old, I was doing graphic design projects and editing Proboards websites. Lets just say I was a weird kid. Back then, I was significantly less social than I am today. I spent most of my time on the internet playing video games (Runescape and Age of Empires), roleplaying online, creating websites, and writing books. While all of these items are still my passions, I have a way better social life than I ever did at that age.

I started working for iD Tech Camps, a huge chain of kid technology camps across the US and at a global level now, when I was merely eighteen years old, fresh out of high school. I taught a variety of different tech programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Stencyl, Gamesalad, Multimedia Fusion, Minecraft, Scratch, etc. Technology had always been a side passion, but six years with iD Tech turned it into a career. I started teaching technology in a school setting only a year out of college. I should have started earlier, but alas we all have to make young and dumb mistakes. Now, I am still working at a technology teacher and building my experiences.

I do want to get another Masters eventually, but it has been put on the back burner for now. A Masters in Educational Technology can open so many doors at this stage in my life. Getting a ME.d. Education Technology will open me up to several different types of jobs, such as becoming a Tech Coordinator, Online Teacher, an Instructional Designer, E-Learning Developer, Corporate Trainer, etc. It also gives me more credibility in continuing working in the tech field. Right now, I’m just excited to be exploring my ideas and passions through writing and my new Masters program. I’m hoping down the road that I can creating some e-learning curriculum, e-courses, etc and explore that avenue of technology.

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