Secret of Words: Debut Novel Updates

Updates on Secret of Words :

Over the past few weeks, I had been hard at work adding final touches for my upcoming debut novel, Secret of Words. I have been editing, working with beta readers, and starting a plan for marketing over the next few months. Here, I want to unpack more information about the book and what is planned following it…

The goal is for Secret of Words to come out in January of 2020 (closer to the end of the month). It will be published on Amazon, Kindle, and several other e-book websites. There will be both print and e-book copies available. I will be working with a publishing agent, but am currently keeping that under the wraps. 

Other updates: Secret of Words has a cover! I think it looks incredible. The girl on the cover is an exact replica of how I imagined my main character, Natalie Quinn, looks like. 


About Secret of Words and Upcoming News: 

Secret of Words will be the first in the “Secret of Words” series. I already have the next two books in the series almost entirely written, but they still need some editing and additional work to them before they will be polished for publishing. The book series will be four books in length or potentially five if I can’t fit all of Book Four into one novel. My goal is to publish new books every 6 months or so (but no longer than a year after the previous book). While this will be my first series of works published, I also have a lot of other YA fantasy projects on the back burner for now. 

Within the next few months, I will be creating blog posts regarding the book description, character descriptions, and a variety of other book updates to keep readers informed. Feel free to post any questions you might have or send me an email at 

Keep posted for updates on Secret of Words and future projects! There is a lot of news coming soon 🙂 

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