Top Three League of Legends Tips: How to Get Good

My top 3 tips for getting better at League of Legends:

I have spent about 6 years playing League of Legends recreationally and I consider it what of my favorite games I’ve ever played. I primarily playing support and consider myself proficient in a huge champion pool, such as Nautilus, Taric, Leona, Nami, Braum, etc. Tank supports are my favorite because I find that I can have so much control over protecting my adc with them. However, I have been known to pull out some mage supports, such as Lux, Lulu, etc. Sometimes, I even troll and play Karthus or Sylas support. Trust me, it’s good ๐Ÿ˜‰

These are my top tips for getting better at League of Legends. While I am no expert, I have significantly improved over the years. My first few years I was hardstuck bronze and now I am in the upper gold/low plat ballpark.

Tip #1: Know the game

The reality is, League of Legends is not one of those games you can just pick up and be an expert of even if you’ve played other Mobas. There is a learning curve associated with League due to the complexity of the game. I recommend playing a lot of hours and observing the champions and their quirks. Once you have played the game a while and observed most of the champions, you start picking up what the enemy team will do when. For example, with Pyke, he has giveaways of when he is going to hook you by the way the character moves. There are also auditory cues of what champions are about to do. You start picking up these different cues and can predict what the enemy team will do and when. This sort of knowledge and control only comes with putting in the hours.

Tip #2: Find the right role

I think this one is essential. Each role in League of Legends comes with some positives and negatives. Here is my analysis of each role.

Top: You are on your own most of the game. It can be a struggle to find a good balance between split pushing and joining the team. You don’t have to deal with most of the enemy team until you are ready to. Controlling where the wave is essential in top lane. There is a lot of hard counters in top lane that can make the first half of the game downright terrible for you.

Jungle: You need to have a good understanding of the map and the path the enemy jungler is taking to keep up. Your teammates will often be whiny and flame you whether you gank their lane or not. Sometimes, you will try getting scuttle or stealing camps in the enemies territory and your team will not back you up. Often, there is no love for the jungle in game. However, the jungle role gives you the potential of making some epic plays. You have the potential to swing the game towards your team. No boring farm-simulator.

Mid: In my opinion, mid is the hardest role. Everyone visits your lane. The enemy jungler loves mid lane. Somehow, the enemy support manages to run all the way up to your lane with no pings from bot lane. It is always a fiesta mid lane. A lot of mid lane champions snowball…hard. So you could be going even in lane, and then your laner gets a single kill and they are solo-dumpstering you in lane. There’s not much you can do except wait for team fighting sometimes. Cs-ing is terrible on some of those mid lane champs.

ADC: A lot of pressure is placed on the ADC to carry the game. Getting CS is essential to doing well as an adc later in the game. If your support is feeding, it’s going to be a hard time. You do an insane amount of damage if you scale up. If you get camped with little help, it can be a slow catchup later. Watch out for all the assassins trying to jump on you.

Support: You have the potential to take over bot lane or lose it. You will never get any credit for your awesome plays- that will all go to your adc. The background “carry” of the team. If your adc doesn’t follow up with your plays, it can be a rough time.

Once you choose your role, get GOOD at it. Practice it over and over again. I also recommend being at least familiar at a secondary role so if you don’t get your top pick, you can get your second. I practice adc frequently so that in the case I don’t get support, I can still be bot lane and make an impact.

Tip #3: Learn a variety of champs

Back in the early days of my League of Legends adventures, I literally played two champions. Taric and Lux. This was back in the days when Taric’s stun was a point and click and he hadn’t been reworked. I played Taric every game over and over. Keep in mind, I was literally the best Taric player I came across because I knew that champion in and out. I quickly found the error in my ways however. The moment Taric was banned, I found any second pick I chose severely lacking because I had little experience with it. Also, if I picked Taric into a hard counter, I had no fun and a really hard time doing anything until late game. Having a lot of pocket picks in League of Legends gives you flexibility. You can pick the champion that counters your enemy lane instead of the opposite. You can change according to what the team needs (i.e. if the team needs ability power/ap, you can make that happen. If your needs a tank, you can make that happen as well). This allows you to avoid getting hard countered every game or having your champions banned.

These are just a few tips to improving at League of Legends and they have helped me extensively since I started. Best of luck in your games! ๐Ÿ™‚

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