Senna: The New League of Legends Support

As a support main, I am always jumping to try out new champions that come out for the support role. Senna, being Lucian’s wife in game, came out as an ADC/support blend. While Riot insists to prioritize her abilities towards the support role, she can interchangeably be used as an adc. All in all, after playing a handful of games with Senna, I find myself mixed about her as a champion. There are aspects of her kit that I really enjoy and others that I am not so crazy about. In general, I would say she can make a solid support with the right gameplay mentality. 

I usually play tanky supports so playing Senna at first was a struggle. How I play my adc games is vastly different from how I play my support games, but with Senna I found I didn’t have the ability to separate them. Honestly, Senna is SO squishy. There was one game where the enemy Shaco got a few kills under his belt and then one shot me in the back of team fights. I know this happens to typical adcs or some of the squishy supports, but it felt so bad in games with assassins because I didn’t do much. Her W is a good way to stun enemies, but it does nothing for assassins that can jump on you from distances and 100-to-0 you before the stun takes effect. Her squishiness in lane became clear too when I tried to go for aggressive plays, but didn’t have the HP to sustain them. I still could put kills on the adc, but something as simple as a little Rakan knock-up can really mess up Senna. 

A breakdown of her abilities:

Her Q does good damage, has a long range, and is powerful in lane with its healing potential. I really enjoy the utility of it in lane because it has multiple uses. In team fights, the healing ability proved to be super helpful with supporting those tanking enemy damage. It becomes more powerful with time as it scaled quickly over the game. 

Her W is a fairly easy skill shot that I found incredibly useful in fights and in lane. The fact the ability stuns others around it is also useful. There were a couple multi-stun targets I got that really turned team fights. The main drawback to consider were her W is that is takes a few seconds to come into effect. I might hit an epic skillshot W, but the stun won’t happen a few seconds later so if it’s a desperate play to stop enemies on top of you, it will not work very well. At best, you’ll make a nice bait. 

I can’t decide if I like her E much or not. It again takes a few seconds to come into effect. The fact that it cloaks your teammates near you in the mist is cool. However, I tried using the E to get away multiple times with no avail due to the period of time before it takes effect. Use her E in prediction to what the enemies will do, not as a last resort escape route. It can work as an escape if you have enough distance and the ability to get away, but often I found the slow start time caused my death more than it helped me evade it. 

Her R is pretty cool. I’m not going to lie but it felt pretty epic to shoot a huge beam across the team fights. While her ult doesn’t do a ton of damage unless it is a super stacked Senna, the shielding of the ultimate was also useful in fights and battles. Having the global presence was nice because I found there were several occasions I shot the beam all the way to the other side of the map and helped those far away. 

All in all, Senna is a good support champion with an incredible amount of utility. She has heals, a stun, damage, and even shields with her ult. Basically everything you could need into an utility support wrapped in one. Be prepared to play her like a coward though. If you think you can make those spicy plays and get away unscathed, it might take you a while until you get the hang of her kit. Make sure to check up on the cool down times and read up on how long it takes for her abilities to take effect. This will help you when you are trying to make clean getaways or time your W stun. I think she has a lot of potential to turn team fights in her favor and to really own an enemy bot lane.

Some side comments in regards to her is that I think she make a significantly better support than adc. That doesn’t mean you can’t play her as an adc, but I definitely think her kit is more designed towards supporting instead of carrying. Due to the slower speed of her gun, it makes it harder for her to cs and take trades with the enemy bot lane. Also, due to her passive, she spends a lot of precious seconds trying to pick up her stacks so increase her range and R damage. Due to her picking up the stacks, she can also miss cs or potential trades. While she can still be played as support, I would equate it to a Karma mid lane. A champion that can do a lot of damage, but if generally better as a support. I think the late game potential on Senna can turn her to more of an adc, but I believe her kit in the bot lane makes it harder for her to cs and take those trades necessary to come ahead. Honestly though, it really depends on the player, their experience with League and the champion, and their desire. If you want to play Senna, I am sure she can fit in any role designated for her. However, all in all, I would choose her as a support. 

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