Ways to Support A Friend or Family Member who is a Writer

Many people are under the assumption that they need to purchase a friend/family members book to be supportive of their writing, but that’s not the case. There are so many ways to support and help a budding author grow even if you’re not in a financial place to help out. To show the many ways, I have divided the list of ways to help into two categories, monetary and non-monetary. 


Buy their book, e-book, or audiobook.

Help them purchase equipment for their books (i.e. a new writing program like Scrivener, a microphone for creating audiobooks, etc). Talk to your friend about what supplies they want down the road and purchase them as a gift.

Donate to their Kickstarter/Paypal/etc. This gives the author the freedom to choose where the money goes (i.e. marketing, new website design, etc). 

Buy books to give out to friends/family for holidays, birthdays, etc. Purchasing books for others helps the news travel about your friend/family member being a writer and increasing the reach of their books. 


Verbal encouragement/support goes a long way. Many authors are plagued with self-doubts about “if their book is good enough” and “what if I should have edited it one more time.” Many people say writing isn’t a successful career because it’s often not profitable. If your friend/family works in a certain field, many people say they should stick to that field and “cannot be good at writing” if they work in ____ industry (Yes, I’ve heard this one). Verbally showing your support keeps them motivated and helps them get past any self-doubts or societal pressures they might feel.

Join their social media accounts (i.e. facebook group, Twitter page, etc). Social media is a HUGE way for authors to get their name out there and if your friend/family member is doing it right, they will be actively participating in several social media accounts to get their name out there. 

Share, Like, Comment, etc on their social media accounts. By sharing, liking, and commenting on their social media accounts/posts, you are getting their name out there. People see where you post/what you share/etc and this will all help them reach more people. 

Get the word out- Make posts on your own socials about their books. 

Write a Book Review (this makes people more likely to buy their book). This is a really good way to help. Most people don’t want to read books that haven’t been reviewed. Writing a book review will increase the traffic on their book and increase the likelihood someone else will purchase their book. Make sure you are giving constructive criticism with your review. 

Tell your friends/family about it. Most likely, you have more friends/family that might not know they are creating a book. Inform them. Let them know, encourage them to support, etc. Having a strong support system will help grow the author. 

Join their website newsletter. Most authors will have a newsletter where they post news about their books. This is a good way to stay informed and keep updated on their newest books. 

Go to their author events. If your friend/family member has an author event, go to it! Being a support system will help your writer feel more comfortable and will help others join the event as well, especially if it is in a bookstore. 

10 thoughts

  1. Verbal and emotional support is one of the best and easiest ways to support a friend or family member who is a writer. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely holiday season 😊😊


  2. As an unpublished writer, words of encouragement are always helpful. They help keep me motivated to continue writing when I don’t want to anymore.

    I also agree with the value of leaving a book review. It is so easy and takes so little time, but no one buys a book without knowing something about it first. Sometimes it’s a known author, but a lot of time if you’re trying out a new author, you want to know what other people think before you make a purchase. Great tips!


  3. I should wrap this up and give it to my family as a gift, hahaha! People don’t realize just how important it is to simply take the time to read what an aspiring author has written and provide an opinion. If you have any suggestions, tell me. If you love it, tell everyone! Words of encouragement go far. I will definitely be sharing!


  4. Yes these ways to help support are huge! The nonmonetary ones are just as meaningful as the monetary ones in my opinion. I’m an aspiring script writer and these are all things that would be a huge help! Thank you so much for sharing!


  5. Thank you for saying this! I was just thinking that I dont have the support that I wish I had. I will be sharing this so others will know. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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