My Goals for 2020

Goals for 2020 and My View on Resolutions

This year, I am not really doing any “Resolutions” per say. The reality is, resolutions have not been working for me the past few years. I think that’s due to the black and white nature I have been looking at towards Resolutions. So, instead, this year I will be taking a goal-based approach. I want to reach some goals this year, but I want to ease myself into it and be patient with myself. We are all human and we are all busy. It is hard to make everything happen sometimes especially as a busy young professional and grad student. So, here are some general goals I have for this year:

1.       Publish Two Books

Secret of Words, the first Book in the Secret of Words Series, came out in December, but I am planning on preparing the second book in the series, Shadow of Pasts, for publishing by the end of 2020. The goal is to have it ready in October. I am also working on a second series called The Cursed Trilogy that I will be publishing simultaneously with my Secret of Words Series. I could have waited until I finished the Secret of Words Series, but that could take years as I am intending on publishing them one at a time. My goal is to publish the first book of the Cursed Trilogy (with tentative name “Stolen), around late summer time. To publish it, I need to get the ball rolling on editing (both by me and by a professional), getting a cover, and getting some beta readers. I have already read through it and I think it looks really good, but there is definitely some cleaning up needed before it will be published. Still, I am very excited about the prospective of publishing two books this year! 

2.       Work on my blog/website and Youtube Channel

Blogging and Making Videos has been two things I have been wanting to do forever, but haven’t fully committed too. I even have a blog and youtube channel from way back when I was fourteen that I never fully went with.  Now, I am actively trying to work on my goals and will be making the necessary steps to publish content and gather followers over time. I am going to be realistic with it and don’t expect vast changes overnight, but I will be actively striving to get that content out there. Wish me luck! 😉

3.       Keep working on my positive mental health

I haven’t talked about this on my blog yet, but I have had a lot of mental health struggles in my past that I am still working on. I think we all struggle with mental health in one way or another, but I would say the past two years have been stellar years for me with my mental health. Still, it is something I still want to actively work on and keep staying on top of. The main areas I want to focus on are keeping my thoughts towards myself and others more positive and patient, making sure to take the mental health time I need when I need it, and being receptive to change or failure. I can be very hard on myself and it is good to pull yourself out of that and remind yourself that you are human and you cannot be perfect.

Those are my main goals for 2020, but they might change or grow over time. All in all, I am feeling very positive about 2020 and hope it goes as well as (for the most part) 2019 did for me! Make sure to follow to stay up with me and my journey this year J

Also, what are some of your goals for 2020? 

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