Shadow of Pasts: Back of Book Blurb/Cover Reveal

I am so excited to announce Shadow of Pasts will be released in September of 2020. While I am hard at work preparing the book for publishing, I wanted to share some fun tidbits about the book:

1: Mara is on the cover of Shadow of Pasts, who a side character in Secret of Words. In Shadow of Pasts and the rest of the SOW series, Mara becomes an integral role in the book. Her expression on this cover is downright spooky! Can’t wait for everyone to see more into her character in this upcoming book.

2: Attached is the “Back of Book Blurb” for Shadow of Pasts to get a feel for the story:

Tensions have never been higher amongst Natalie and her friends since the recent betrayal that struck the Ones of Within at its core. As Natalie tries to navigate the current political situation in Sybra, she finds herself doubting the strength of the organization she once believed in and her friends who are more distant by the day. With the rapidly approaching war between the Ones of Within and the Larta, secrets of the past begin re-surfacing and causing distrust amongst the guardians of Sybra. While Natalie believed that the betrayal from the prophecy had been fufilled, things are only getting started. 

3: Share down below your reading/writing goals for this year? With the quarantine cooping me inside, I’ve been on a role preparing for upcoming novels! Also, a recent obsession of mine is audiobooks- I love listening to them while doing work and writing grad school assignments. It really keeps my creativity going!

Can’t wait to send more updates on future books! Stay tuned 🙂

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