Book Review: Redhead in a Blue Convertible

Recently, I have been reading The Redhead in a Blue Convertible that @IvanScottBooks wrote. Let me tell you, the story is a fabulous whirlwind. To say that I would recommend it to reader’s looking for new stories to pick up is an understatement. You should go check it out!

As a quick background: Sarah, a British surgeon living in Georgia, has a tragedy happen on the table and that quickly spirals her into a period of self-deprecation and loss. While she teeters on the edge of life and death, she is introduced to a new job from her friend in taking around Billy Caldwell, a mysterious older man for a day to handle his affairs.

Ivan Scott’s storytelling is a gem and you feel connected to his protagonists and the rest of the characters, even the smaller ones. The characters were engaging and oozed personality and spunk.

One of my favorite parts about this book was the dialogue. I loved the British quotes, the sassy banter between the characters, and that each dialogue seemed unique and purposeful. This novel didn’t have “fluff” and every decision within the book, I found, had meaning within the story. Some of the connections at the end were beautifully weaved over the course of the novel, which made the ending even stronger.

I loved the element of mystery within the novel as well. That was a huge engagement for me in the story- you were told just enough but not too much as to tell the story and give you too many hints. I loved the mystery of who Billy Caldwell was and how learning of his past and present played out over the book.

All in all, a great read! Since I write YA Fantasy typically, I haven’t been reading a ton of fiction literature and mostly have been trying to stay up-to-date with the current popular novels in my genre. This book was a wonderful change for me and made me want to pick up more adult fiction novels and Ivan Scott books down the road!

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How to Be the Boss of Your Finances

Life is expensive. Especially when you are in your 20s, prime out of college, and making a $35k per year income. It’s hard even if you are making bigger figures. Yes, saving is hard. Managing our money is hard, but I will tell you ways to become the boss of your own finances.

The truth is there is no “miracle way” to suddenly becoming good at managing your money. It is a process. It changes over time. The finances of a 20 year old look very different than the finances of a 40 year old. There are all kinds of different conditions that change how our finances are going. Life can throw you curveballs: both good and bad. Learning how to become the boss of your own finances at a younger age has never been more important as we cannot “wing” in this modern age.

So, where to start? On this blog, we will talk about many different ways to manage your money and effectively become the manager of your own income. We will take about the steps to take to get control of your finances and begin saving for retirement as it will come faster than you want it to. We will plug the (yes) numbers and see why taking charge when you’re young makes all the difference. We will also talk about ways to make a passive income, ways to invest in your future, and other paths towards making more money. 

The first thing I would like to say about the journey of becoming the Boss Of Your Finances or your own Money Manager is that it will not happen in a snap. The reality is we are human. We live in a materialistic society. It has been ingrained into our brains at a young age to “spend spend spend”. Think about all of the ads we cycle through in a day through our web browsing, Instagram scrolling, TV watching, etc. Think about all the branding we have seen over the years. We have been primed to become spenders from the day we are born. What we haven’t been primed to be is savers. I don’t know about you, but there wasn’t a “money management” class in my high school. There was never a class that talked about creating a budget, filing taxes, signing checks, etc. In reality, those classes are vastly more important to us than some of the knowledge we received, which all leads to my post today.

Many people do not save and invest in their future. There is a discrepancy between the knowledge around money management in the general public. Some parents have better knowledge of finances and can bestow that upon their children better than others. Some students take more classes around personal finance, business, and other areas that influence their understanding of how to manage money. The internet, while helpful, can provide us with too much information. Let me simply that for you. 

I would like for everyone to have the ability to manage their money and effectively become the boss of their finances. To do so, I will be launching blog posts around different topics in money management. The first set of topics I will be focused on is “Saving Money in Your 20s,” which will focus around major areas of financial burden for young professionals. Then, I will talk about topics like Passive Income, Budgeting, Types of Retirement Funds, and How Financial Choices should change with age. Follow along our journey to Money MGMT / Management by following our blog and staying up-to-date with new posts and news.